Rebecca Friedman Zanny Lane

(Director/Animator/Artist Villikon Chronicles: Return to Mayhem, Artist - Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement, Artist/Writer - Lovely Demon: Demonic- Reaper Chronicles)

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Rebecca Friedman Zanny Lane


I am the founder of GraphicAnime and Director/Animator of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: RETURN TO MAYHEM, an animated vignette inspired by the film THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: GENESIS OF EVIL, and based on characters appearing in THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES graphic novels. I have collaborated with creator and executive producer Bryan J. Kinnaird to create the animated short to a worldwide fan base of VC franchise enthusiasts.

With a Master of Science degree, I have freelanced with 3D Mirage in 3D modeling and 3D Animation. My professional portfolio also includes 3D animation for the FIAO (Federation of Italian American Organization), comic book adaptation of the award-winning movie, COCKPIT: THE RULE OF ENGAGEMENT (written and directed by Jesse Griffith), and as an Imaging Specialist and Flash/Visual Basic Programmer.

Additionally, I am a writer, composer, character and program/developer, and creator of the continuing adventures of a female demonic reaper in LOVELY DEMON: DEMONIC- REAPER CHRONICLES, an original Manga comic book and cross-interactive media venture published under my GraphicAnime label.

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