Zach Jordan
(Artist - Bizarro)
Zach JordanZach is a freelance Illustrator, vibrant cartoonist, humorous caricaturist and realistic portraitist.

He has done cover art for over a dozen books including J.R. Knolls “Wonder Woman Legacy” and Bizarro’s “Felix & The Sacred Thor”. As well he has done art for local T-shirt companies and independent game creators.

His art reaches the far ends of the Internet with many pieces conquering as memes and others shared by celebrities. He has been featured in many entertainment sites such as “TheCHIVE” His amalgam character “Bat-pool” has also created a strong following across the net.

Currently he produces a multi-artist web comic named “Hexx” and has an Illustrated book series called “Sach”

His work can be found here
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