Yvonne Navarro

(Author - V-Wars; Women on War; Highborn; Concrete Savior; Wicked Willow; Hellboy; Elektra; Buffy; Aliens: Music of the Spears; Species)

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Yvonne Navarro


Yvonne Navarro is a prolific author whose work has earned her the Bram Stoker and numerous other awards. She's written about staking and saving vampires, killing zombies and using zombies to enforce the law, the end of the world and what comes after, and a whole bunch more. She's played in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, where she wrote seven novels and is the only Buffy writer to pen novels about Willow (both good and evil). She's also written novels to go with a bunch of cool movies like Hellboy, Elektra, Ultraviolet, Species, and others, where she was often chosen not only for her writing expertise but for her wicked martial arts experience. In the past year she has written two novellas for IDW, one for V-Wars (Epiphany) and one for Women on War (Advanced Directive). Her most recent novels are Highborn and Concrete Savior, the first two books in her Dark redemption Series. In the series a fallen angel escapes from Hell and heads to Earth to find forgiveness for her past choices. It's a difficult path, especially when she doesnt particularly like the humans she finds herself among. Visit Yvonne at www.yvonnenavarro.com or find her on Facebook for continuous slices of her crazy life.