Don’t miss Gail Simone at Toronto Comic Con
By Zev Hurwich
“WONDER WOMAN” AND “SECRET SIX” AUTHOR GAIL SIMONE COMES TO TORONTO COMIC CONUnlike most comic book writers Gail Simone started her career with a website called Women In Refrigerators a website which catalogues the many instances of violent attacks on women in comic books.

From there she moved on to writing for the Simpsons line of comic books, and then eventually working her way into major super hero titles. Simone has penned titles such as Deadpool, Birds of Prey, and is currently working on two critically acclaimed titles for DC, Secret Six, and Wonder Woman.

Simone also has written various scripts for the DC Animated Universe. Her first script was the episode “Double Date” on Justice League Unlimited. She later was later one of the two writers of the popular animated Wonder Woman movie.

Simone will be signing autographs, and greeting fans at Toronto Comic Con, so don’t miss your chance to meet this comic book star!

Toronto Comic Con runs from March 26-28,2010 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, ON. It is a major pop culture convention bringing together fans of comics, toys, collectibles and offering a chance to see actors, writers, artists and the best each industry has to offer.

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