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Wizard World Presents: Portfolio Reviews With The Stars!

Portfolio Review with David Campiti, who discovered, trained, and launched many head-turning careers at Marvel and DC!
Wizard World Presents: Portfolio Reviews With The Stars!What do such international comic book superstars as Mike Deodato, Will Conrad, Ed Benes, Ivan Reis, Luke Ross, Joe Bennett, Stephen Segovia, Harvey Tolibao, Al Rio, Cliff Richards, Bong Dazo, and Roger Cruz all have in common?

Each and every one of them submitted their portfolios to Glass House Graphics’ David Campiti, who discovered, trained, and launched them on their head-turning careers at Marvel and DC.

Glass House Graphics is now home to more than 120 authors, illustrators, inkers, letterers, colorists, painters, renderers, animators, and designers from all over the world. With offices in the USA, Brazil, the Philipipnes, India, and Indonesia, GHG has much of the planet’s top talent under their care. And they’re how such titles as Batman, Deadpool, Dragon Age, Green Hornet, Justice League, New Avengers, Red Sonja, Scooby-Doo, Secret Avengers, and many others are created each month!

Do YOU want the kind of career those top talents have? Here’s the way to start: Glass House Graphics head honcho David Campiti -- a nearly 30-year veteran author/editor/publisher/agent in the comics industry -- will review portfolios at the GHG book through the entire shows of Chicago Con and Big Apple Comic Con, aided and abetted by such artists as Luke Ross, Mike Deodato, Jinky Coronado, and Will Conrad.

Bring your portfolios of sequentials and cover art (not pinups or unfinished sketches) and be ready! Can you deal with the truth about your art? Want the good, the bad, and the ugly about your talents, skills, and opportunities in today’s comic book biz? Then Big Apple Comic Con and Chicago Con are for you!

Want advice to prepare yourself? Go to davidcampiti.com and read the from the beginning the blogs that tell you truth about submitting! Need sample test plots or scripts to draw from? Go to http://glasshousegraphics.com/breakingin/

And....want the full scoop on what artists need to know BEFORE creating your portfolio and submitting art? Then look for the book that Glass House’s David Campiti co-wrote with the ultimate comics legend -- Stan Lee’s How To Draw Comics, available here -- http://www.artandcomics.com/servlet/the-603/Stan-Lee%27s-How-to/Detail “Dazzlin’ David Campiti,” wrote Stan Lee, is a “writer, agent, and teacher of more comics-creation seminars worldwide than both of us can count.” And Wizard’s got him!
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