The Winner Twins

(Authors - The Strand Prophecy)*Appearing Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions

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The Winner Twins


At an early age the Winner Twins faced the harsh reality of dyslexia. To escape their struggles at school they began to create worlds, characters, and adventures. At the age of 9 Brianna sang a capella at the Junior Olympics to an audience of 30,000 people and Brittany, using her original artwork, started a stationery company.

In the fourth grade their learning disabilities began to take a toll on their self confidence and esteem. Their father recognized their storytelling abilities an encouraged them to accomplish the impossible and write a novel. The first book The Strand Prophecy was completed at the early age of eleven. Now on the third book in the five book series, the Winner Twins are the youngest multiple award winning authors in America.

Brittany and Brianna created the If You Can Dream It...You Can Write It tour, and elaborate mix of live presentation, computer graphics and their original music presented at NO cost to schools. Over twelve months, they reached over 45,000 students and have appeared in radio and television shows airing on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

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