Will Deonne

(Artist - Stelle; A Single Day and Night of Misfortune; Cacophony of Hell; Surpassing All other Kings)

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Will Deonne


Will Deonne is a self-taught multimedia artist originally from Cleveland, Ohio. After spending time abroad while serving in the military he returned to his native Ohio and aggressively pursued his interest in the arts. Will has to his credit, independently, the Manga 'stelle, the graphic novel series A Single Day and Night of Misfortune, Cacophony of Hell, and 'surpassing All other Kings.He's also responsible for various children's books, scripts, and animation shorts. In an collaborative effort with 3-AR Studios LLC he and writer Clayton Barnett has recently completed a Visual Novel OTChi Kocchi which was released at Matsuricon 2013 in Central Ohio. Their next project is comic series 'steamPunk Reilly. Its first issue will be debuted at Wizard World Ohio Con 2013!