Will Conrad
(Artist - StormWatch; X-Men; New Avengers; X-23 II; Wolverine; Secret Avengers; Black Panther; Dark Avengers; Buffy; Serenity; Birds of Prey)
Will ConradWill Conrad - the Brazilian artist that shines when it comes to backgrounds and shadow. A vast array of impressive works such as ‘Black Panther’ and ‘X-23’ at Marvel Comics has led to his fanbase growing, as he builds on a repertoire boasting rave reviews of his art on further titles such as DC’s ‘Birds of Prey,’ Dark Horse’s ‘Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Kull,’ as well as fan favorite ‘Serenity. His ‘Conan’ art is also held up there with the best and his delivery always sublime.

Conrad’s skill knows no bounds as his texture, layouts and well-established paneling aids his penciling to impress on books such as ‘Secret Avengers,’ ‘Wolverine,’ ‘X-Men’ and 'New Avengers'. As one of Marvel’s key assets, the artist is under exclusive contract with Marvel since 2010.

Conrad has also worked on ‘Outsiders’ and ‘Teen Titans’ at DC and also delivered Marvel artwork on ‘Emma Frost,’ ‘She-Hulk,’ not to mention acclaimed materials on Image Comics’ ‘Freshmen’ and ‘Red Sonja’ over at Dynamite Comics. Conrad may be from the land of Brazilian Samba football but his reputation as an art maestro and comic illustrator ranks him as one the most sought after and best bets around in modern times. Conrad definitely is taking Marvel by storm these days and with his talent, fans would be giddy to get a glimpse into what he has planned.
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