Whilce Portacio
(Artist - Artifacts; Uncanny X-Men; Image United; Spawn; Hulk; Superman/Batman; Wetworks; Batman Confidential; X-Force; Iron Man; The Punisher)
Whilce PortacioBishop creator Whilce Portacio has been in the business for 30 years now. He started as an inker on Alien Legion and Art Adams’ Longshot in 1984 before launching his career as a penciler. He has been a leading comic book talent ever since his big break on Marvel titles Punisher, X-Factor and Uncanny X-Men in the early ‘90s. Portacio was also one of the seven founders of Image Comics. He created “Wetworks” for Image.

Whilce has worked on Marvel, DC and Image titles like Iron Man: Heroes Reborn, Punisher, X Force, Journey Into Mystery, Hulk, Authority, Stormwatch, Batman Confidential, Superman/Batman, Spawn, Darkness, and Stone. Whilce recently returned to Image Comics collaborating with Glen Brunswick on “Non-Humans” and a new book soon to be announced. Whilce also loves creating special variant covers, one which is Wizard’s exclusive Walking Dead cover for Robert Kirkman’s famous book.
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