Wes Hartman

(Colorist - Gears of War; Secret Origins; MA Spider-Man; Ultimate Iron Man; New Mutants; Charismagic)

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Wes Hartman


Wes has worked the last decade awesomeizing projects with his colors for most major comic companies; with stints on Gears of War, Night Force, Legion Secret Origins for DC/Wildstorm, MA Spider-Man, Gravity, Ultimate Iron Man Armor Wars and New Mutants for Marvel, Overtaken, Dean Man's Run, and Charismagic with Aspen, and countless more projects with Paquet, Zenescope, Dynamite and more. In that time he's also served as the VP of Production for Antarctic Press as well as the writer and co-creator for series like Sky Sharks, I Hunt Monsters and Pirates vs Ninjas, all of which were almost more than the world could handle. This winter will also see the online launch of Chaser, a new creator owned series developed by Wes and Mario Wytch.