Wascally Wee Willy

(Artist - Wascally Wee Willy)

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Wascally Wee Willy


My professional life of putting words and pictures together has taken me on adventures around the world. I hold degrees with Highest Distinction from Purdue University, Indiana University and the Internationale Sommerakademie fur Bildende Kunst in Austria. I was awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Regional Fellowship. My comic stories, the Wascally Wee Willys, are quilt-like narratives composed of interwoven patterns, garish color, bold graphics and thought-provoking word balloons inspired by 1950s comics. I joined the Supermen of America in 1958. I have done my best to pursue Truth, Justice and the American Way ever since. I was awarded the 1st Marvelmaniac-of-the-Month award in 1969 by Mark Evanier and a coveted No-Prize by Stan Lee soon after. I taught manga at Technos University in Tokyo; illustration at Oskar Kokoschka's School of Vision in Salzburg; and lectured on creating comics around the world. I also studied with leading illustrators such as Germany's Luis Murschetz, as well as current comic greats, Christopher Moeller, Scott McCloud and Matt Kindt.