Vo Nguyen

(Pencil/Inks/Colors - Broken Luk & Crazy Ugly, Trading Card Artist)

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Vo Nguyen


Vo Nguyen was born September 11th in 1975 in Vietnam, after coming to the states and bouncing around Louisiana, California, and finally settling in Austin, TX in the early 80s. With his parents working odd hours to better their life, Vo not knowing English and being very shy found escape and a passion that has been with him till this day at Austin Books. He would look through comics, dreaming of having muscles like Spider-Man, Batman, and other heroes. He spent countless hours drawing, dreaming, and learning. Now in his mid 30s, he is happily married with a young son, and is stepping back into the world of comics. He is currently working on several creator own comic projects, and countless trading card sets from, Shi, Grimm Fairy Tales, Red Sonja, Vampirella, John Carter, Avengers Assemble, The Walking Dead, Marvel and DC characters.