Vincent Gordon

(Artist - The Infusion Project)

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Vincent Gordon


Growing up in the NorthWest suburbs of Chicago, Vincent Gordon's artistic dreamland began as drawings on the church bulletins. Even then his work consisted of wild crazy animals and monsters running amuck!

Im just trying to reinvoke that youthful energy and carefree enjoyment of life!

Largely influenced by his family and friends, Vincent and his Uncle Rich would draw all the time, usually funny social commentary pieces. When Vincent was in middle school, his Uncle Rich introduced Vince to Robert Crumb and Low Brow Art.

At a young age, I quickly realized my minimum interest in the cattle yard mentality of the public school system and diverted my attentions to more creative aspects of life.

During high school Vincent apprenticed for college professor/sculptor, Jeff Thompson. For many years, Vincent worked closely with Jeff tackling new materials including concrete, wire, water jugs and too many metals to name. This apprenticeship pushed Vincent's ideals as a young artist to a whole new level.

Vincent finds inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes, just random interactions spark a whole chain of ideas and possibilities. Some of Vince's favorite artists are Robert Williams, Takashi Murakami, Craola and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Moving to california in the early 2000's this time landing in San Diego, brought about a whole new discipline and determination to Vincent Gordon's work and style. Vincent's 24x18 color pencil series the evolution of education and the mystery of history are two great examples of this time period. This move would eventually put Vincent at The Ranch, his current studio and residence, and in the mix with DJ Schugar and the artistic collaborative, The Infusion Project.

As a full-time artist, moving to Cali really put me on a colorful warpath of creation! Somehow, I was lead to the darkside and found myself selling cell phones for 3+ years! That life wasnt for me. I wanted to make people smile; help people relax and create; not sell them bullshit! With this in mind, I started really hitting the canvas hard and living in the creative mindset 24/7. Even when i was at work, I was still sketching and concepting. These years in sales helped me in ways that most artists struggle with so i guess thats the Silver Lining!

Vincent attributes his family with being an amazing inspiration and support system. Vincent Gordon's Grandma, a writer and semi-retired social worker, is the biggest promoter of Vince's work.

Through my artistic ventures she herself has found a love for art of all types. she is a blessing and a true support!

To Vincent, The Infusion Project is like a creative family; inspiring, supporting, learning and growing. Vincent attributes deciding to stay in San Diego (instead of moving to the Bay Area) to work with The Infusion Project is a major factor in shaping his creative path.

Working with The Infusion Project as well as other great artists started to nurture yet another aspect of my art, live painting! Working closely with The Infusion Project, I have had the opportunity to bring my work to thousands and thousands of people. From the loading docks to the Five Star Rooftops, Were bringing the art to the people to enrich life and the creative energy of SoCal and the world!