Vince Chen

(Artist Inoochi; Talking Mouse Production)

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Vince Chen


Vince Chen is a creative artist and business man who has been very passionate about art since the tender age of 12. It wasn't until a couple of years ago; Vince became inspired to create his own unique and innovative designs for apparels. He has produced dozens of cartoon characters and today he is known for his versatile style and originality. With his persistence and drive to succeed, he has dedicated his time to continuously develop more cartoon characters that will capture the hearts of young kids around the world.

Not only has he created apparel designs for his up and coming brand; Vince is also an aspiring entrepreneurial who has develop a character design company that is solely for the licensing industry. With the properties under development, he has envisioned his work of art to be much success.

To date, Vince is currently focusing on building his brand and promoting his apparel lines both in retailing and licensing throughout East Asia and in the States.

Current licensing properties:


Cartoon Character Development Company:

Online Apparel Store: