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Get an exclusive first look at new images of the baddies from LEGO’s new line Hero Factory!
LEGO’s new customizable, constructable, super hero-themed action figure line Hero Factory doesn’t debut until August, but we’ve got just one question: if we’re going to be building heroes, what about villains? Luckily LEGO has the answer: wizardworld.com is proud to debut LEGO’s official shots of the Hero Factory villains (including big baddie Von Nebula) and some of the vehicles you’ll be able to buy for the figures to ride. Check out the villain pictures and descriptions below!

7145 Von Nebula
Galactic Alert! Mission Control Center reports that the mysterious Von Nebula, the leader of a powerful gang of villains, is about to attack! He is heavily armed and highly dangerous. Beware his blackhole generating staff and vicious spiky armor – he is out for revenge against the HERO FACTORY!

7162 Rotor
Warning! Incoming object identified as Rotor, one of Von Nebula’s most dangerous minions. Capable of incredible speeds and mobility using his helicopter jet pack, Rotor can use his highly dangerous biohazard gas attack from any direction. The whoosh-whoosh sound of his rotors might just be the last sound you hear.

7147 XPlode
Proximity alert! XPlode has been spotted at an explosives plant and is about to cause major mayhem! One of Von Nebula's most feared servants, XPlode is covered in explosive spikes, which he launches at practically anything or anyone. Don’t try reasoning with this short-fused renegade!

7148 Meltdown
HERO FACTORY Alert! Meltdown has been sighted near the Mekronite Planetoid Belt – his objective unknown. Beware: he is Von Nebula's most destructive servant! Armed with a radioactive sludge shooter and Meteor Blaster, he also has a cyclops stare that must be avoided!

7156 Corroder
Attention, heroes! Corroder is loose and considered highly dangerous! One of Von Nebula’s newest henchmen, Corroder is lethal in close combat. Use extreme caution: his razor sharp claws and corrosive spit can cause major damage. Don’t get too close to this bad bot – his horn is his favorite weapon!

7157 Thunder
Danger! Thunder is wreaking havoc in the metropolis! Von Nebula’s toughest servant is squashing everything in his way. He is considered heavily armed and highly dangerous. Keep clear of his Meteor Blaster and massive crush claw. If you get close enough to see him grin, it might be too late!

7158 Furno Bike
Equipped with a powerful engine, front steering and dual Plasma Blasters, the Furno Bike gives rookie team leader William Furno the speed and power he needs to complete even the toughest missions. Includes William Furno!

7160 Drop Ship
Pick up and drop off hero pods wherever needed with the HERO FACTORY drop ship! With the HERO FACTORY pilot at the controls, this drop ship can take rookies and heroes anywhere they are needed in the galaxy – in no time at all! The drop ship can also provide cover fire with its H4 Force Ball Shooter!
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