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Unshaven ComicsUnshaven Comics is the Chicago-based studio behind the fan-beloved Samurnauts! What insane beard-powered minds would have the gumption to produce a comic about samurai-astronauts... led by an immortal kung-fu monkey... saving the universe from zombie cyborg pirates... in space?! Well, that would be Matt Wright (penciler, inker, craft beer drinker), Marc Alan Fishman (digital artist, writer, and avid insomniac), and Kyle Gnepper (writer and Sell-O-Tron 5000™). For half a decade or so, these burly dudes have been cranking out the independently produced original comic books for fans across the mid-west. When pressed for a quote about Wizard World Chicago? The boys were clear: "Wizard World Chicago is our home show. And we’re elated to debut The Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts #2 at the show!’

After that? The boys got back to work... because kung-fu monkeys don’t draw themselves!
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