Ty Templeton

(Writer/Artist - Batman & Robin Adventures; JLA; Superman Adventures; Superboy; Stig's Inferno)

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Ty Templeton


Here there is, free online, issues one, two, three, four, five, six and seven of Stig's Inferno, Ty's first original comic series from the mid-80s. Stig's Inferno ran for 8 issues through Vortex and Eclipse comics, and launched his career writing and drawing some of the world's most popular comic books, ranging from Justice League to Superman to Batman Aventures as well as TV-associated Comics for shows from Ren and Stimpy to Bob Newhart to The Simpsons.

You can see his most current work the Spider-Man/Human Torch series for Marvel Comics (after a long stint at D.C. Including Batman Adventures.

I know you will enjoy Stig which gathered a major cult following. You can still buy some of the issues used from specialty retailers and collectors. To get recent work for major publishing houses, go into any comic store and ask for the work of Ty Templeton. You can just do this, it's cool.

In August of 2002, he released a brand new original graphic novel. This is called Bigg Time. It's the satirical story of a homeless man who suddenly is able to see his guardian angel, and immediately learns just how (deliberately) bad a job this angel has done, keeping his life in the gutter. He forces his angel to make him famous. Stig makes his first appearance in 15 years at the end of the story.