Ty Templeton

(Writer/Artist - Batman & Robin Adventures; JLA; Superman Adventures; Superboy; Stig's Inferno)

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Ty Templeton has been writing and drawing comics for more than thirty years. He started his career on a creator-owned project, Stig's Inferno, and went on to work on various versions of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Justice League. Ty has also worked on projects like Mad Magazine, Howard the Duck, the Simpsons, Mad Dog and Hoverboy.

I know you will enjoy Stig (or Ty's other creator-owned work, the graphic novel Bigg Time) which gathered a major cult following. You can still buy some of the issues used from specialty retailers and collectors. To get recent work for major publishing houses, go into any comic store and ask for Ty Templeton's work. You'll find his work in the collected volumes of Batman Adventures, the collected volumes of Batman '66, the trade of Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet and more.