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Twilight Theater


TWILIGHT THEATRE FEATURING ROBERT JACKSON, is a rock and roll, horror/paranormal dance theatre musical about the chronological timeline of the history of horror, the paranormal, the supernatural and sci fi from Stonehenge all the way up to modern day ufo sightings. It is also a takeoff on the Twilight Zone with a Rod Serling esque character who introduces each theatre music piece with a spoken word narrative. Each tale is acted out onstage multimedia style with our actors along with live singing, and other traces of pop culture ala slides, movie clips and footage played from tv sets, special effects, lighting, fog and more. The entire show is set to a prerecorded audio cd along with live singing from Robert Jackson. One of the concepts of the show is that the corporate record business and huge radio conglomerates have tried to kill off rock and roll and that pop culture is consuming itself so rapidly that rock is now being killed off by its very creators(record companies and once innovative FM rock radio.) Well you can't kill rock and roll and here come the monsters of the Twilight Theatre show crawling up out of the graves dug by these companies to prove that rock can not be killed and to hit you all over the head with one more time. The Twilight Theatre characters in essence become the Frankenstein monster coming after its creator while other bits and pieces of the rock era's pop culture(AOR Rock, Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Night Gallery, Night of the living dead and horror and sci fi b movies) are evident in the stage show.

Robert Jackson is an ascap award winning recording artist from New York. Twilight Theatre cd has charted #10 on CMJ college radio charts. Jackson's former cd release Personal Jesus charted in the top 30 CMJ radio charts, top 50 europe commercial radio charts and the single Personal Jesus received commercial radio rotation nationally. The video Personal Jesus was syndicated on four tv networks including Comcast and UPN Paramount and the cd Personal Jesus features memebers of Suzanne Vega's band and was produced by two major label producers. Jackson's music has also been heard on United Airlines, in United Artists movie theatres and heard on other cd releases relased by other record companies.

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