Trevor Von Eeden

(Artist/Writer - Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight; Green Arrow; Power Man and Iron Fist; Thriller; Black Canary; The Original Johnson, Co-Creator - Black Lightning; Count Vertigo)

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Trevor Von Eeden


Trevor Von Eeden was born on July 24th, 1959, in Georgetown, Guyana (formerly British Guiana)--the only English speaking country in South America. He came to America with his family in 1970. In 1976, at age 17, he became DC Comics first black artist--and the youngest theyd ever hired. His first assignment was to co-create their first original black super-hero, BLACK LIGHTNING (the black GL knock-off, John Stewart, had debuted shortly before.) BL is still alive and well in the DC Comics Universe. Trevor has also co-created Count Vertigo, the Green Arrow villain, for DC Comics.

Over the years, Trevor has also received favorable acclaim for his work on Powerman/Ironfist # 56-59 (79); The Batman Annual #8 (82); The Green Arrow Mini-series (83); the cult favorite, THRILLER (83-85); The Black Canary Mini-series and subsequent regular series (90-93) and Legends of The Dark Knight #149-153 (01)--his last work for DC Comics, to date. His first self-written/drawn graphic novel The Original Johnson, the story of Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion of the world, was released in Dec. 09 to generally positive acclaim from fans and critics alike. A quote from the New York Times Book Review graces both covers of the 2 Vol. PB set.

Trevor is currently at work on his second book, The Story of HERU: The First HerO', and resides in the Gun Hill Road section of the Upper Bronx. He is single, lives alone, and enjoys his own company quite a bit. When it comes to sex, he likes women--but infinitely prefers them to be smart, than dumb. A good wife would be helpful--but not mandatory--for achieving happiness and peace of mind in life.

He has no major complaints nor regrets to report.