Dr. Travis Langley

(Author/Editor - Batman and Psychology; The Walking Dead Psychology; Doctor Who Psychology; Captain America vs. Iron Man)

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Dr. Travis Langley, author of the acclaimed book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight (Wiley & Sons, 2012), is a psychology professor who teaches on the psychology of crime, mental illness, and media (including comic books), not to mention courses titled "Batman" and "Psych of the Living Dead," at Henderson State University. Psychology Today runs his column, "Beyond Heroes and Villains." As @Superherologist, he is one of the 10 most popular psychologists on Twitter. He is editor and lead writer for Sterling Publishing's books series on popular culture and psychology, starting with the books The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead; Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind; Game of Thrones Psychology: The Mind is Dark and Full of Terrors; and Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology.