Tony Washington

(Colorist - World of Warcraft; Marvel Comics Presents; Transformers/G.I. Joe: Divided Front; El Zombo Fantasma; Masters of the Universe; WildC.A.T.s)

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Tony Washington


Tony got his big break at the age of 18 when he was hired as a computer colorist for Wildstorm Productions. He colored such titles as: Black Ops, Black Ops/DV8, Divine Right, Def Con 4, Gen 13, Phantom Guard, and WildC.A.T.S./X-Men. Tony worked there for 3 years while he also worked for Midway HOme Entertainment as a Product Analyst (Game Tester).

From there he did freelance work for a while. Doing computer coloring for companies such as: Cartoon Network, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and Marvel.

From there Tony went back to gaming at Midway, this time as a Texture Artist for games on all 3 major home console platforms. He was fortunate enough to move up in the company and begin designing characters and 3D modeling them as well. From there he took on freelance computer coloring and that is what he has been doing since. Over the past few years he has colored such books as Dragon's Lair #1-3,

El Zombo, Merman, Rob Zombie's Spook Show, Snakeman, and many others. And the studios that he has had the chance to work for currently are: 4 Kids, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Devil's Due, Dreamwave, IMAGI,

Marvel Comics, MVCreations, Upper Deck, UTI, and Wildstorm to name a few. Tony has also done the coloring on the TMNT CG Motion Picture and is working on the Gatchaman CG film!

In addition to the visual arts medium, Tony also produces music under the name Stations Stories. It's number #1 in San Diego Electronic Music and has been featured on IGN!

He is currently a member of Atlanta based HeadHunta Studios along with other industry members Nathan Massengill, Dave Wilkins, and Koi Turnbull, too name a few.

Works:Over the past 15 years Tony has had the honor of working with some of the industries best studios that include:

Marvel Comics/ENT

DC Comics



Wildstorm Prod

4 Kids Prod

Imagi Ent


Upper Deck to name a few.

Tony has worked on various comic, trading card and films such as:

Darksiders Comic-Colorist

TMNT CG FILM 2007-Lead Colorist / Concept / lighting

World Of Warcraft: Ashbringer/Regular Series #21-25-Colorist

Gatchaman CG-Colorist / Concept

Dragons Lair Comic-Colorist

Dante's Inferno-Concept (Trailer)