Tom Sullivan
(Special Effects - The Evil Dead; Army of Darkness)
Tom SullivanTom Sullivan grew up loving movie monsters and superhero comics that inspired him to a career in art and film. Tom painted back covers for the 1970s indie comic company, Power Comics and soon was doing production art for one of the coolest movies never made, THE CRY OF CTHULHU. That lead to 18 years of illustrating H.P. Lovecraft role playing games for Chaosium Inc.ís THE CALL OF CTHULHU.

In 1979 Tom was hired to create the make-up, special effects and special props for Sam Raimiís THE EVIL DEAD. Tom created and drew the Book of the Dead and with Bart Pierce constructed and animated the stop motion finale sequence for THE EVIL DEAD.

Tom went on to work on Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, Army of Darkness and The Fly Part 2 for Chris Walas Studios.

Tom is bringing his Movie Memorabilia Museum and Art Print Gallery featuring his props and his artwork from EVIL DEAD his H.P. Lovecraft and other Fantasy/Horror works. Tom is bringing Art Prints for sale as well as DVDs for sale of the new documentary about his life and career called INVALUABLE by Ryan Meade.
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