Tom Raney
(Artist - AVX: Consequences; Avengers Academy; Blockbusters of the Marvel Universe; X-Men Legacy; Incredible Hulks; Deadpool; Black Widow: Deadly Origin; Punisher; Civil War: The Return; Ultimate X-Men; Uncanny X-Men; Outsiders; Thor; Superman; Stormwatch; Gen13)
Tom RaneyTom Raney gets around. From Stormwatch to X-Men, Outsiders to the Warlock Chronicles, he's worked on a wide variety of titles. Recently he’s drawn the Incredible Hulk and AvX: Consequences for Marvel, the Ride for 12 Gauge and he co-created Destiny’s Rogues with Ron Marz which first appeared in Heavy Metal. Tom has also had notable runs on Thor, Warlock and the Infinity Watch and Mutant X. Currently Tom is drawing Threshold for DC and has a new tale coming up in A1.
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