Tom Nguyen
(Inker - Green Lantern; Brightest Day; Batman and Robin; Justice League of America; Green Lantern Corps; Blackest Night; Final Crisis; Batman; Superman)
Tom NguyenBorn in Minneapolis and raised in Burnsville, MN, Tom has been drawing for as long as he could remember. At age 14, he was already commissioned to do portraits of baseball players, and at 16 he was hired to draw caricatures at Valleyfair amusement park and at the Mall of America. But at age 19 Tom was able to break into the industry that he loved most: comic books. Since then he has done work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Seattle Weekly, Wizard magazine, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Upper Deck Entertainment, Titan Books, and the television series Little Miss Perfect for WeTV among other clients.

Tom has also established himself as a renowned pin-up painter, having worked with some of the top professional models and pageant winners. Although he jokingly refers to himself as “The Prince of Pin-Up,” he is most definitely the undisputed “King of Pageantry Pin-Up” as there is no other artist who has worked with more high-placing pageant competitors than Tom has. His work also includes Playboy models and NFL cheerleaders. Tom’s pin-up work has been featured in publications such as Club International magazine, American Curves magazine, Aphrodisia 2: Art of the Female Form, and the upcoming How To Airbrush Pin-Ups due Fall 2009. He is also a prize sponsor to the Mrs. Minnesota-, Mrs. Iowa-, and Mrs. Wisconsin-America pageants, providing his rendition of each of the state’s winners. Please e-mail Tom at if you are a model and interested in applying to be featured in his work. It is recommended that you send photo samples of yourself (or provide a link to photos) with any credentials you have for consideration. If you have the right look, Tom will contact you.

In 2005, Tom and his partner Jeff Pederson released two instructional DVDs: The Doug Mahnke Style of Pencilling and the Tom Nguyen Style of Inking. In September 2007, Tom added “author” to his resume as his first instructional book, Incredible Comics With Tom Nguyen: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Kick-ass Comic Art, hit the shelves at many bookstores (you may check out preview pages in the Media & Hype page; please see the store page for ordering details). Currently, Tom is writing and illustrating the sequel to his instructional book entitled Incredible Comic Book Women With Tom Nguyen: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Kick-ass Babes.
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