Tom Brazelton

(Writer/Artist - Theater Hopper)

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Tom Brazelton


Tom Brazelton is the writer and artist of Theater Hopper - the internet's longest running movie-themed web comic - which he has diligently produced since August 2002. His archive of over 1,000 comics can be found at When he's not cracking wise about the movies and pop culture, Tom can be found enjoying time with his family.

In 2010, Tom produced his third self-published collection of his work, Theater Hopper: Year Three. It collects comics from 2004 to 2005 and includes individual commentary for each strip along with several bonuses like never-before-collected artwork and production sketches.

Tom works professionally as a web and graphic designer for local government while also developing and executing social media strategy on behalf of the organization. Sleep is a rare commodity and he has learned to do without.