Tomas Overbai

(Writer/Artist - ICHIDO)

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After escaping from a undisclosed government agency in the late 1980's Tomas Overbai founded a kung fu school along the coast of Northern Oregon. While training 4th level long form GungFo he began to doodle during his lunch time meditations. He would randomly recall heroes from ancient tales and after a few weeks of sketches this rekindled a passion for drawing that he had not had since he was a baby test monkey. He began to draw every chance he had and soon out grew his desire to teach people how to kung fu.

He left the school soon after to form the Fallen Sun Asylum and continue to develop his craft. More information can be found at which serves as a digital record of his artistic path.

He is currently writing, illustrating and lettering his first graphic novel ICHIDO. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy and kung-fu movies, ICHIDO is the comic book he always wanted to read and became tired of waiting for someone lese to do it and so decided to make it himself.

The story of ICHIDO begins in New Edo.

In the far future a young Monk chose love over duty, betraying his ancient order and unleashing an evil Sorcerer from the distant past.

During the last dance of her wedding, the Princess of Nihon was the first to die. The Shogun lost his mind as his daughter passed away and the Empire erupted in civil war. His sons now feud over an empty throne.

Maintaining control over the west, the FIRST SON wields an army of post-human biomechs from Forge-City Hiroshima. Among the ashes of the Tokyo Wastes the SECOND SON dominates the east with forsaken black magic. Although officially declared slain during the Nara Incident, the body of the THIRD SON was never recovered and his mon still appear on the armor of rebel fighters.

Ten years have passed and in a moment of rage the monks mental defenses abandon him and he draws the attention of the Sons of Nihon.