Tomas Hinojosa

(TG Comics)

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Tomas Hinojosa


Im Tommy Gunn founder of TGComics512 we are not open as of yet but that is our goal with everybody's help and support we are having a Kickstarter project starting this October 25 2012. The project will support the artist gallery/studio in our new comic book store for early 2013. The goal of my store is to network all independent artist to share their talent and the love of comic art. So we are pu
tting together a Bio Art Book by many talented artists that have worked so hard to share their books and art to the world. The comic book store is going to be opening in South Austin Tx, what we are providing the comic collector and the comic artist a place they can call home. We are very lucky that we have many talented College and High school students that are partaking in this book development. Artist will feel free to teach anybody that loves Comic art or learn from artists that come from all around the country. I have been going to many Comic Cons to network and meet great artists who have made it to the big time and they love TG Comics idea and they are willing to visit and share their techniques at the store. Support us through and our Kickstarter program that will start on October 25, 2012 at the beginning of Austin Comic Con.