Todd Hoffman

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Todd Hoffman


Todd Hoffman came up with his plan to mine for gold in Alaska in 2010 after watching the steady decline of his aviation business in Oregon. While the economy stalled, he watched the price of gold rise and rise. Inspired by his father Jack's own gold mining adventures back in the 1980s which ended in failure, Todd sourced a viable gold claim and then assembled a team of his unemployed buddies and the equipment they would need to start a full-scale mining operation.

Todd is a dreamer and has always been one for thinking big. He also loves and respects his father, and helping Jack realize a long ago dream was also part of his gold mining plans. I was also his hope to rekindle the American Dream and the frontier spirit on which this country was built. Todd is fiercely independent and proud of the fact that he has never had a boss in his life, but admits that this is the most ambitious undertaking to date. Todd hopes that if the mining is a success, this crew of men and friends will be able to strike gold and take care of their families.

Todd values family above everything else and in his own words, he mines for faith, he mines for family and he mines for gold.