Todd Beistel
(Creator/Artist - Yuri Gypsy Hunter)
Todd BeistelWhile still in high school, Todd Beistel self-published Eye of the Probe, a comic anthology. He then went on to study illustration and graduate from CCAD. While in college, Todd wrote and illustrated Lost Souls, a graphic short story. Lost Souls was published by Hunter Productions. As years passed, Toddís interests evolved into fine art and graphic design. As a dedicated artist, he has been featured in venues throughout Ohio. On several occasions, he has contributed illustrations to accompany columnists such as Dave Barry and Click and Clack. Todd is currently collaborating with Doug Hufford on the webcomic sensation, Yuri the Gypsy Hunter. Yuri the Gypsy Hunter is a decades spanning epic concerning an orphan, a rock band, and lots of teenage angst.

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