Tod Allen Smith

(Trading Card Artist - Star Wars The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters; Star Wars Galaxy 6; Indiana Jones Masterpieces; Marvel Masterpieces 2 and 3; Iron Man 2; Captain America; Hack/Slash; Zombies vs. Cheerleaders)

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Tod Allen Smith


Tod Allen Smith is an artist from Altoona PA, and is an
officially licensed Lucasfilm artist with Topps Trading Cards which include sketch cards for Star Wars The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Star Wars Galaxy 6, and Indiana Jones Masterpieces. Other sketch card sets include Marvel Masterpieces 2 and 3, Iron Man 2 along with sketch cards for the Captain America movie for Upper Deck. Also Hack/Slash and Zombies vs Cheerleaders for 5Finity. Tod was also featured in the recent Voltron United and Drawn artbook.

Currently Tod is doing work with Monkey House Games for Jeff Dee and Jack Herman's re-launch of the classic super hero rpg Villains and Vigilantes. and will have art from many of his projects on display, including his work for Superhuman Games who will be producing a CCG based on VnV. so stop by and say hi.