Toby Cypress

(Artist - Strange Tales II; The Coffin; The Schizophrenic; The Boondock Saints: The Lost Gig; Madman; Zombie Tales; Swallow; Killing Girl; Batman: Gotham Knights; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: N-Vector; X-Men Unlimited; Predator; Rodd Racer; Hatestreet)

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Toby Cypress


Born in 1974, I grew up on late night monster movies, and early morning cartoons...which may describe my work as pointing towards a strange, dark past...yet existing in a desperate future. I graduated from art school, and began a career in comics/film working with every major comic book publisher, Nike, and Paramount. Today I produce from my studio "Punkrock*Jazz" as a self publisher, and freelance illustrator/designer. recently finishing illustration work on a graphic novel with writer Brian Wood titled "The Tourist". I'm currently self publishing several stories including "Rodd Racer," and "Hatestreet."