The Jedi Assembly (TJA)

(Fan Community)

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The Jedi Assembly (TJA)


The Jedi Assembly (TJA) is a worldwide fan-based group for Star Wars movie Jedi costuming enthusiasts. Our intent to further enhance the Star Wars genre by recreating film-accurate Jedi costumes and props for our enjoyment, as well as others. We encourage Jedi costumers at all ability levels to join and share their knowledge with others.
The idea of a Jedi specific group started around the release of Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. In April of 2002, Anthony Foister conceived the idea of The Jedi Assembly as a online costuming group after receiving the newest issue of the magazine Star Wars Insider. Inside it described a SW fan club, the Imperial Stormtrooper group called 'The Fighting 501st.' Foister didn't know of any Jedi costuming groups in the same style as the 501st on the web or around the USA, so he thought it was time for one. Foister began the quest to "assemble" the Assembly and this small set of people turned into what is now known as The Jedi Assembly Jedi Council. It serves as a primer place for movie Jedi specific costuming tips and prop ideas. Currently, the Assembly has over 400 members worldwide and the Assembly message boards have over 900 members and is recognized by Lucasfilm as a costuming organization comprised of and operated by fans of Star Wars. Each member is require to adhering to a set of minimum costuming standards, as set forth within the TJA Charter. TJA also has members that work with multiple costuming groups for the benefit of regional and local communities.