Tim Proctor
(Sketch Card Artist - Star Wars)
Tim ProctorTim Proctor is a freelance illustrator living near Orlando Florida, who is most known for his Star Wars art for Lucasfilm and Topps. Tim created limited edition prints for both Star Wars Celebration V and VI as well as base card art for Star Wars Galaxy. He primarily works in ink, acrylic, and marker, and combines the subjects of pop culture, science fiction, and fantasy. His work has appeared on many surfaces, both two and three dimensional, from canvas and illustration board to t-shirts and sketch cards.

In addition to his Star Wars art, Tim has worked on many other properties such as The Walking Dead, Mars Attacks, Bettie Page, Nevermore Alice, Contemporay Pinups, Night of the Living Dead and much more.

You can view his work at http://www.timproctorart.com/
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