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Ticketing questions:

How can I order tickets?
• Check out our Ticket Pages! CLICK HERE! for all shows in the United States!

CLICK HERE! for all shows in Canada!

Can I buy tickets at the door, or do I have to buy them in advance?
• You can buy them at the door, but you would not get the pre-order discounts, or incentives, and the line to buy tickets at the show is generally longer than the line to pick up tickets bought in advance.

What do the VIP tickets get me?
• Generally (and this changes for each show, so be sure to check the details on the VIP Page for that show) VIP tickets get you in to the show all three days (or more if there is a preview night). It also gets you into the con before everyone else, as well as a big bag of goodies hand picked for you!

What is the deadline for ordering advanced tickets?
• Tickets are always on sale throughout the show!

I ordered my tickets a month ago, but still have not gotten them in the mail!
• No tickets are actually mailed to you. You should have gotten a PDF file e-mailed to you. You print that PDF confirmation out, bring it with you to the show along with your ID, and they’ll take care of everything there!

I don’t have a printer! I can’t print out the PDF! I never got the e-mail! I lost the PDF! Will I not be allowed into the show?
• Don’t worry, everything is fine! Just bring your ID along with the credit card you used to purchase the ticket and everything will be taken care of at the box office!

I didn’t actually buy the ticket, my mom did, and I don’t have ID. How do I get into the show.
• Don’t worry, all the info about the ticket is on file. Just head to the registration area and someone there will help you out.

Will the tickets sell out?
• It is possible. Buying your tickets in advance will save you a lot of headaches!

Can I re-enter the show if I leave?
• Yes you can! Your admission is good for the whole day, or the whole weekend (depending on what kind of ticket you bought. Keep in mind though that if the show is full, the Fire Marshal sometimes institutes a "One in one out" policy. So until some people leave the con, no new people will be allowed in. The way to beat that is with a VIP Ticket! VIP ticket holders don't have to wait in that line.

What’s the difference between buying the tickets in advance and buying them at the door?
• The tickets are $5 cheaper online than at the door, and the line to check in with your advanced purchased ticket is shorter than waiting in line to buy a ticket. The name on my ticket isn’t mine. Will I have trouble getting into the event?
• No. The name on your tickets bear no factor in your admittance. Your ticket will be validated based on the unique confirmation code on each ticket. Just present your ticket.

I lost or never received my tickets. How can I get another copy?
• Have no fear! Simply go to this link: Resend Tickets and enter the email address you used to purchase your tickets. We'll send you an email with your tickets attached.

I cannot print my tickets. Can you help?
• If you need help printing your tickets we recommend you ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader which you can download for free here:

Adobe Reader

Your tickets are pdf files and need Adobe in order to open.

I can’t make the show at all. Can I get a refund?
• No, all tickets purchased through TicketLeap for Wizard World are non-refundable.

I've been charged for more tickets than I ordered. How do I get refund for the extra charge?
• Most likely, what you're seeing is a pending only charge that will drop on its own in 2-3 business days. If you received an error message while attempting your purchase and had to re-submit your information your bank or card issuer might have temporarily pulled those funds which we cannot accept due to the error that occurred. Typically, these charges will drop in 2-3 business days but please contact your card issuer to find out when they can release the hold on those pending only charges.

What’s the deal with the free children’s ticket?
• Each adult ticket purchased entitles you to two (2) free children’s tickets for children 10 and under. ** Please note that for the Big Apple Comic Con children’s tickets are free on Sunday only**

If you don’t see your ticketing question here please check our ticket provider’s FAQ: TicketLeap FAQ
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