Thomas Yeates

(Artist - The Outlaw Prince; The Lone Ranger & Zorro: The Death of Zorro; Savage Beauty; Jurassic Park; The Saga of Swamp Thing; Batman; Conan; Universe X: Cap; Tarzan; Sgt. Rock; The Savage Sword of Conan)

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Thomas Yeates


Thomas Yeates grew up in Sacramento, northern California. He attended college in Utah, Sacramento, and the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey. Since then he has been working as an illustrator, focusing on high adventure in the comic book/graphic novel field. He has worked for most of the major companies in that field, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Eclipse, etc. He has illustrated Swamp Thing, Timespirits, Tarzan, Conan, Zorro, myths and legends for Lerner Publishing and many short stories. Recently he has illustrated Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars for Barnes & Noble publishing and a series of books on myths by the popular writer Anthony Horowitz. His latest released work is The Outlaw Prince from Dark Horse, a graphic novel based on Edgar Rice Burroughs The Outlaw of Torn. He is currently working on a western graphic novel based on a Louis LAmour story, a new Tarzan comic and Groo VS Conan.