Thomas Scioli

(Co-Creator - Gdland; American Barbarian; UnMortals:The Myth of 8-Opus, Artist/Writer - Captain America: Hail Hydra; The Next Issue Project; PopGun; The Incredibles; Elephantmen; Freedom Force; Fantastic Four)

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Thomas Scioli


Thomas Scioli is a Pittsburgh-based
cartoonist and illustrator. He's the co-creator of Image Comics' Eisner-nominated series, Godland, and is the creator of American Barbarian and the Xeric-winning UnMortals:The Myth of 8-Opus. He's created, written, and drawn stories for several anthologies including The Next Issue Project and the fourth volume of PopGun. He's created cover artwork for The Incredibles, and he's done art for such series as Elephantmen, Freedom Force, and The Fantastic Four.