Thomas Doherty
(Editor in Chief - Committed Comics)
Thomas DohertyThomas Doherty is the Editor in Chief/Art Director/Co-Founder of Committed Comics. He has been surrounded by comics for his entire life so it was no surprise to anyone when he started the company back in 1999. The main goal of Committed Comics is to find the next generation of comic superstars. To give the fans of the comic book industry a way to get their foot in the door. They not only gave foot holds into the industry; but for a select few they helped blow the doors of the hinges. Committed Comics helped start the careers of ultra-talented comic stars like Dustin Weaver, Camilla D’Errico, Filip Sablik, A. David Lewis and quite a few others. Thomas has held portfolio reviews, panels and mentoring sessions all over the country and Committed Comics still holds the honor of signing the most creators at a single San Diego Comic Con.

Now after 15 years in the business Thomas is still overseeing some of the most original and interesting comics and graphic novels in the industry. So step up and GET COMMITTED!

Thomas will be offering portfolio reviews for artist and creators at throughout the convention. Please check at the table for times.
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