Thomas Doherty
(Editor in Chief - Committed Comics)
Thomas DohertyCommitted Comics is the brain child of Alejandro Cruz and Thomas Doherty. Both long time comic book fans they decided to take their love of the comic book industry to the next level and actually get involved in the creation of the comics. They wanted to start a company where fans had the opportunity to get into the comic book industry and have their work be shown in the best way possible. Where quality of the artwork and the story telling were on the same level. In the mid 90’s it seemed that too many companies felt that in order to be an “independent comic” you had to publish comics that just focused on extreme sex or violence. Committed Comics wanted to show that an independent company could rise above the bad stereotypes.

Committed Comics was officially formed in 1999 and since then they have worked extremely hard in making sure they stay on track with the vision they started with. The summer of the new millennium was also when Committed Comics attended Comic Con International (better known as San Diego Comic Con) for the first time as an exhibitor.

It was there that Editor in Chief; Thomas Doherty discovered Dustin Weaver and Camilla D’Errico both have become extremely successful and respected in the comic book industry. 2003 Neo Dawn #1 was released and was on Diamond’s Top 300 books for March 2003. Later in the year Committed released their second full color title; Java! by teacher and creator Kensuke Okabayashi. That same year they did an industry first by attending the most comic book conventions (14 different conventions in 6 different states) by a small press company.

Now over ten years later the company is still producing new and innovating product and working hard on providing that necessary foot in the door for talented and driven creators. Committed Comics has lasted longer than hundreds of other small press companies (and even many larger ones) because they truly are COMMITTED!
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