Thomas Davies


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Thomas Davies


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Thomas Davies has been making art for more than 20 years, and is a respected Crypto-archaeologist and International Dragon Merchant.

Tho currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri, Thomas attended Otis/Parsons school of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where he studied sculpture, Public Art and Performance. He has worked as a street performer, stage act, graphic designer, fabricator, poet, and Not-entirely-fase-prophet. He now peddles his wares at festivals and conventions across the country, and is a member emeritus of the Dragon Conservation Society.

Thomas works are mostly based on traditional mythology, with a touch of whimsy and sometimes the twisted and macabre. His inspirations include but are not limited to: Organic elements, the Baroque, Victoriana, daydreams, esoterica and Art Nouveau. Most of his current work is cast in a resin mix of his own design and painted with the best paints he can locate.