Thomas Chu

(Colorist - Deadpool; Avengers Forever; Iceman; Weapon X; Countdown to Final Crisis; Brave and the Bold; Red Circle: The Shield; X-Men Noir; Spider-Man Classic; Doc Savage)

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Thomas Chu


Tom Chu, a comic book colorist that has over ten years of experience working with the two major companies in the business. While at Marvel Comics, he worked on series such as Deadpool, Avengers Forever, Iceman, and Weapon X, and at DC Comics, he was on the major weekly comic event Countdown to Final Crisis. He recently worked on Brave and the Bold and Red Circle: The Shield written by J. Michael Straczynski, and is currently working on X-Men Noir with Dennis Calero and Spider-Man Classic reprints with a modern color style. His current project is Doc Savage written by fan favorite J.G. Jones.