Eric ‘The Smoke’ Moran
(Official Wizard World Cosplay Guest)
Eric ‘The Smoke’ Moran

The Smoke has made an impact on the pop-culture scene for over a decade. After serving in the Marine Corps, The Smoke worked as a bodyguard working in clubs backstage for concerts and for NFL games in Philadelphia.

He would later train as a pro-wrestler and have a strong presence in the independent wrestling world.

The Smoke has wrestled for companies like, GLOOW, NWA Shockwave, ECW, and WEW. The Smoke has appeared on T.V. shows like, “The Jenny Jones Show,” “GLOOW,” “The Dangerous Women of Wrestling” and “Heavy Sedation.” The Smoke has also appeared in films like “The Black Ninja,” “LEAF,” and “White Men Can’t Rap.” The Smoke also radio shows like “610WIP” and Celebrity Boxing shows. The Smoke was also guest host for the Wizard World contest on SYFY’s Heroes of Cosplay. Just recently The Smoke was just cast for the Star Trek series, “ Starship Farragut”

The Smoke would later become a leading character for “Big City Comics Studios” for comic books, “Tempest,” “Tainted” and the graphic novel, “WHORE.”

The Smoke is a fan of comics and is now one of the leading cosplayers and is a active member of the costuming group, “The League of Heroes” and is a founding member of the independent production company, “Together Brothers Productions” with fan films like, “The Legion of Injustice” “FLASHFALL ”, “The Heist” ,and his Dr. Who/Torchwood series "Legacy" as well as the Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge UK/US crossover series, “ The Deep End”.

The Smoke is the first cosplayer to become a DC Comics superhero named Freight Train, by Senior Vice President Dan DiDio .

The Smoke works with inner city youth as well as charity events . Later this year he will be a featured celebrity guest for The Peace Fund Games.

He also speaks to kids at schools, inspiring them to be positive and motived in their communities.

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