Terry Naughton

(Animation Dept. - The Lion King; Beauty and the Beast; Aladdin; Mulan; Hercules; The Little Mermaid, Artist - Hound Comics)

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Terry Naughton


Terry Naughton is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to anything art related. He can handle various styles of art in literally every form of media known to man... and then some! Naughton worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation for 17 years as an animation assistant and storyboard artist. He's personally worked on every recent classic including The Little Mermaid (King Triton), Beauty and the Beast (the Beast) and Aladdin (the Genie) to name only a few.

Terry has also created the last ten U.S.C. football posters and has the bragging rights of various works for the NFL on his resume. Terry illustrates book covers and helps to create and illustrate children's books. He is now an official artist for the Hound Kids Division of Hound Comics, Inc. and is the steady hand behind the artwork of My Favorite Giant from the Peter & Angie Mayhew Collection. Currently, Naughton is also working on the Abyss Walker Series by Author Shane Moore.