Tara Rosenberg

(Founder - Flips!de Creations)

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Tara Rosenberg


Jeweler, Artist, Crafter, Creative Soul, and super cool founder of Flips!de Creations

Flips!de Creations - Wearable Art Youll Flip Over, has something for everybody... from the cute and sweet, to things that are creepy, odd and really neat.

This is where the macabre subgroup Flips!de Creepations comes in. It's the dark side of Flips!de. Where Tara breathes new life into the dead and discarded. No really, she does!

Tara's creations include unique cameo pendants, cameo rings and cameo hair pins, skull pendants (bats, minks, muskrats and more), pendants made with real animal bones, wearable bottle art, themed pendants (Super Heroes, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Pop Culture) and more.

Tara currently works out of a self created Frankenstein lab located in her very own Castle in Sunny South Florida. To see more of Tara's creations, you can check her out at:

Tara will be joined by the super creative and amazingly talented Samantha Rios of 'sexy Beast Apparel that makes the coolest handmade custom skirts in the world!!!