Tammy Sytch “Sunny”
(Wrestler - WWF/WWE)
Tammy Sytch “Sunny”Tamara Lynn Sytch is an American professional wrestling manager, personality and occasional wrestler. She achieved her greatest success as “Sunny” for the World Wrestling Federation during the 1990s, and is widely considered as one of the first Divas. She also performed under her own name in Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

In late 1994, Sytch was contracted by the WWF, and she began appearing as Tamara Murphy, a commentator for “Live Event News” segments during syndicated WWF television shows. One month later, Candido joined the WWF, and the duo began appearing as Sunny and Skip, known collectively as the villainous fitness fanatics, The Bodydonnas. Zip later joined the team, and Sunny was in their corner when they won the Tag Team Championship over The Godwinns at WrestleMania XII. In 1996, she won Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Manager of the Year Award. She was also AOL’s most downloaded woman of that year. Weeks later, The Godwinns regained the championship, and Sunny turned on The Bodydonnas in favor of the new champions. She then turned on The Godwinns and helped The Smoking Gunns win the Tag Team Championship. After The Smokin’ Gunns lost the title at In Your House 10: Mind Games, she fired them in the middle of the ring.

She spent a short time as the manager of Faarooq Asad, aiding him in his feud over the Intercontinental Championship with Marc Mero and his valet Sable. Sytch then began acting as host for several WWF television shows, including LiveWire and Shotgun Saturday Night. In addition, she appeared on MTV’s Singled Out and Entertainment Tonight. Meanwhile, Candido left the WWF for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and it was not long before she began making guest appearances with him in the promotion. In August 1997, she appeared at ECW’s Hardcore Heaven pay-per-view.

In 1998, Sunny briefly became the manager for the reformed Road Warriors as “Legion of Doom 2000,” leading them to a win in a Tag Team Championship number one contender battle royal at WrestleMania XIV.
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