Talonnor LARP

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Talonnor LARP


We are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Talonnor is unique among Alternate Reality Games and Live Action RolePlaying games.

Our system and mixed genre brings an immersion style of play that allows more player freedom and interaction than any other game. Our setting is an urban dystopia with elements of fantasy, cyberpunk, the Roaring Twenties, and modern horror in a nearly lawless city. Our style of play mixes hand-to-hand combat using padded weapons with airsoft guns. We do not use a skill or hit point system which allows our players to use their own real life skills and experience to their advantage.

Our events and storylines focus around a decaying society and are made to involve all players, including those that wish to stay out of combat situations. From shoot out gang wars, aristocratic tea parties, and a Juggerball league, everyone has a chance to join in the fun.

Talonnor strives to bring you the most extensive and realistic roleplaying experience around.