‘Chevy Impala’
(Supernatural Car)
‘Chevy Impala’ One of the hottest shows on TV today, Supernatural goes into its 8th season this year. Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers who travel the United States in one of the coolest cars around - the 1967 Chevy Impala! This car is really the 3rd star of the show, and is equipped with its very own Weapons Box, so the brothers have everything they need to fight anything from demons, tortured spirits, even the devil himself! This model was built by the same man who builds all the Impalas for the show - Jeff Budnick, and is signed not only by Jeff but also by the main actors on the show known as: Sam, Dean and Castiel! There are even some screen used parts from the show built into this car. It has also officially been used by Warner Brothers at the 2010 FanExpo in Toronto, Ontario as their display vehicle in the show! Don’t miss your chance to see a bit of the hit show Supernatural up close and personal!
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