Steven Butler
(Artist - Amazing Spider-Man; The Punisher; Punisher War Journal; Action Comics; Amazing X-Men; X-O Manowar)
Steven ButlerSteven Butler is a freelance comic book artist from Lucedale Mississippi.

He has worked for the past 23 years in the comic book industry primarily as a penciler for companies including Marvel, DC, First, Acclaim, and Archie Comics. Some of the titles he has worked on include The Badger for First Comics, Web Of Spider-Man, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, and Punisher War Journal for Marvel,

and Sonic The Hedgehog for Archie Comics. Steven is currently working on a new project with Barry Gregory called Gallant Comics, which makes itís debut here at Comicon New Orleans. Itís a love letter to Golden, Silver and Bronze Age Comics, and will be available at the Ka-Blam Digital Printing booth.
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