Stephen Stanton

(Voice Actor - Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Robot Chicken; Wolverine and the X-Men; Spider-Man 3; Pirates of the Caribbean; The Lord of the Rings)
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Stephen Stanton


Stephen Stanton is one of the top voiceover actors in Hollywood. He is known for his recurring role as Mas Amedda in the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS and most recently for his introduction as Captain Tarkin reprising a role originated by the late Peter Cushing in the first Star Wars film.

Stephen also starred on screen as Obi-Wan and The Emperor in the award winning Star Wars fan films PINK FIVE Trilogy.

He played the villainous Klaw in Marvel's new BLACK PANTHER animated series and as Jimi Stringer in LEGO HERO FACTORY. He has also starred in ARCHER, WOLVERINE and the X-MEN, KING OF THE HILL, FAMILY GUY and has made numerous appearances in Adult Swim's ROBOT CHICKEN. Stephen also co-stars in the soon-to-be released animated feature, FOODFIGHT! where he is the first actor to ever voice the iconic Mr. Clean. In the GARFIELD animated DVD series, Stephen voiced Randy Rabbit.

Stephen does multiple voices for Disney including the current voice of Happy from SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and if youve been to Disneyland youve heard his voice as the Riverboat Captain.

Stephen is also one of the best voice match artists in the business. If you saw the recent feature film, SECRETARIAT, you heard Stephen doing the voice of the late, great Chic Anderson, calling the Triple Crown races. He has also filled in for such celebrities as Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Walken, Hal Holbrook, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Douglas, Alec Guiness and many more.

In the video game world Stephen has worked on dozens of titles, providing the eerie voice to the Big Daddy character in the award-winning BIOSHOCK. He starred as Tony Stark in IRON MAN, Wolverine in X-MEN: THE OFFICIAL GAME, as Ben Kenobi in STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II, & STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR, as Melman in MADAGASCAR and as Happy from Disney's Snow White in KINGDOM HEARTS. Some of his other game credits include classics such as PSYCHONAUTS, Jack Black's BRTAL LEGEND, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, SPIDERMAN and LORD OF THE RINGS.