Stephen B Jones
(Character Design Supervisor - G.I. Joe: Renegades; Batman; Superman; Batman Beyond; Justice League Unlimited; And Batman: The Brave and The Bold)
Stephen B JonesStephen B. Jones works as the Character Design Supervisor on the animated series GI JOE: RENEGADES for Hasbro Studios. He has worked at Warner Brothers Animation as a character designer on the animated series BATMAN, SUPERMAN, BATMAN BEYOND, JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, and BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. He has also done storyboard work on the MEN IN BLACK, BOONDOCKS and JACKIE CHAN animated series for Sony TV Animation as well having done storyboard work on the TEEN TITANS, THE BATMAN, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, BATMAN BEYOND animated series as well as the JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER animated direct to video. He lives in Los Angeles with his family.

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