Stephanie Mided
Stephanie MidedAt the humble age of 6, Stephanie Taylor Mided had her hopes and dreams shattered in an instant when her mother told her she couldn’t be Sailor Moon because it wasn’t a “real job” because Sailor Moon wasn’t a “real person” and “being someone else isn’t actually a career choice or undergraduate program at any school anywhere”. But you know what that small child did? She bawled uncontrollably and wished for death. But after her failed attempts at dying via overdosing on Flintstone’s vitamins, she realized something; if she couldn’t BE Sailor Moon than maybe she could just draw her a lot and that way she wouldn’t feel so bad at the end of the day (just a little less kawaii). She dedicated her life from that point on to the pursuit of animation and drawing really cute things that hurt people through adorable means (Baby Foxes+ Machine guns= getting mad paper). 15 years later this lass is still kicking and is currently an animation and illustration student based out of Chicago who has worked with veteran Disney animators at a small independent studio in Wisconsin and certain cat drawing entrepreneurs from “Shark Tank” in Chicago. (To name drop a few.) On the side she writes and illustrates her own short comics, does freelance illustration work, sews cuddly dork stuff, works at a costume shop, and eats a lot of frozen yogurt. Stephanie specializes in all things pop culture and considers herself to be a music, comic, and video game nerd to the highest extent. Oh, and she has an “uncanny” obsession with the X-Men and Wolverine…and Puns…and terrible biographies. If you would like to check out her work, I suggest you visit her Tumblr page at: Http://
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