Star Wars Museum

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Star Wars Museum


We are a nonprofit group of like-minded individuals working for a goal: To Build a Star Wars Themed Children's Museum. Our Mission To Inspire and Educate.

Our goal is to actually build the building a design from the Star Wars universe, and fill it with interesting, excited, educational exhibits to capture the attention and inspire the imaginations of today's youth. Exhibits about lasers, space travel, green energy, bionics, Holograms, Virtual simulators and more. We want to have full sized replicas of planes and spaceships both from the films and from our real world. We have already started to reach out to companies responsible for major innovations or our present times for involvement with the exhibits.

We need all the support we can get. We will be at as many Conventions as we can manage to squeeze in collecting names and emails for our petition and fundraiser. If you are interested in helping we really need your help.

We have started our networking via Facebook but we are specifically reaching out to other groups like yours to accelerate the process. We hope in the future, we can help you or organization out as well in some way.

The only information we need right now are names and email addresses of anyone interested in this project.

Anyone who wants to do more by volunteering is welcome to send an email to us to let us know they want to help more with fundraisers and events.

The plan is to apply for grants and do a Indigogo or kickstarter fundraiser reaching out to the community for small donations from a very, very large group of individuals.